Cockscomb Veterans Bush Retreat Inc


NAME:.. ……….Cockscomb Veterans Bush Retreat Inc

CONTACT: …….Caretakers on site – Dave & Debbie

LOCATION: ……124 CAMMS ROAD Cawarral Qld 4702

POSTAL: ……….as above

PHONE: ………..04 7559 1027

MOBILE: ……….04 7559 1027

EMAIL: …………


Cockscomb is not a registered caravan park, there is no connection points for water or power and no dump point


Google Earth Co-ordinates: 23°14’6.46″S, 150°40’51.07″E

Set in hills on the southern side of Mt.Wheeler, Cockscomb is a 30 minute drive from Rockhampton accessed by either 2 or 4wd.

It offers a quiet place to relax and chill out from the hustle and bustle of the city but also provides contact with the outside world via the 3G network and wireless broadband.

If you wish to camp out under the stars, it is recommended that you bring all the appropriate equipment not forgetting mossie repellent and your personal medication.

On the other hand, there is ample space to accommodate motorhomes, caravans etc with the alternative of staying in one of the camps cabins.

Limited 12 volt power is available which supplies the camps lighting, generators are permitted but should be used with the consideration of others.

On entering the camp it would be appreciated if you would sign the visitors’ book and read the camps standing orders before settling in, additionally, donations are gratefully received to aid in the upkeep of facilities for the camp.

There is ample seating and tables available throughout Cockscomb, plus, there are newly installed gas hot water systems providing hot water for both the ablutions and kitchen areas.

Fixed accommodation is provided in Cabins for overnight stays.

May also bring your van or camp.

Cooking can either be done on an open fire or in the kitchen.

A new gas heatlng system has improved the amenities by providing hot water 24 hours of the day.

Various tables and chairs are avaiiable to eat at and mere are plenty of log seats to sit on.

There is no electricity, although there is a limited 12V battery source from solar for lighting and a generator.

There is 3G digital phone and wireless broadband access on site.

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Cockscomb Veteran Retreat came about from an idea that was developed some four years ago, between a number of the Vietnam Veterans in the Central Queensland area.

The Veterans came up with a plan to develop an area somewhere in the bush as a reasonably isolated camp/retreat. A place where fellow veterans could go, when things were getting tough, or when they felt the need to be out of it and alone for a while, or the need to lean on someone for moral support, or find someone that could walk the walk, talk the talk and understand the burden.

It was promoted as an idea amongst interested parties.

After some discussions within our own ranks and with Bruce, he offered us the use of a section of land on some 60 acres he has, in an area known as Cawarral.

An old gold mining and farming community, approx 20 km’s from Rockhampton; half way between Rocky and the Capricorn coast. This was considered to be an ideal location and the gracious offer was accepted.

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