GOLD LISTING = $110.00, equates to approx 33c per day (for the full year)

PLEASE NOTE: From the 1st July 2020 a Price Increase to $120 per year ($10 per month)

EPOL is currently averaging over 8,500 to 9,500 visits per month and this visitation rate is expected to grow rapidly with the launch of our new website. The very popular Emu Park Online Facebook Group Page has 3,860 followers.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND a GOLD LISTING. Honestly for value for money advertising you would have to go a long way to find a better deal than this one. Call Jeff Now to discuss your possible listing. Phone 49396587.

BIG BONUS DEAL … All new GOLD LISTINGS are listed on the home page in the NEWEST LISTINGS Menu and remain there until replaced over time. This Newest Listings Menu appears in most BRONZE (FREE) LISTING pages throughout the website…. All NEW GOLD LISTINGS are also promoted FREE on the very popular EMU PARK ONLINE FACEBOOK PAGE. ( check out the homepage and the bottom menu – you could be there)

The GOLD LISTING is currently our most popular option, a great promotional tool with so many benefits that can only improve your identity on the World Wide Web.

Ideal for reaching your market with features such as your optional individual email contact page with inbuilt anti spam features. (conditions apply see below) – linked to your website, which could drastically improve visits to your site.

If you have a Business Facebook Page we can link and encourage the viewer to click through to your FB page.  Your page where you edit and administer – so you have control over the content they will see.

If you wish, Google Earth Co-ordinates to allow anyone in the world to know exactly where you are on this wonderful planet.

A Google locality map is included (conditions apply) so you can direct enquiries to your page to know where to find you within the “Park” or surrounding districts.

If your business or club meets with our criterior then why not become a member of the EPOL and list with us. Your business / organisation must have ties to Emu Park or the Surrounding Districts.

Conditions apply
Text Content allowed on page .Yes
Does entry allow inclusion of pictures .Yes
3 to 5
Can be linked to own website URL.Yes
Can be linked to your Facebook Page.Yes
Allows email link – including email contact form
Conditions apply
Has Google Location Map if required.
Conditions apply
Will this entry be “Search Friendly” and be recognized in
most search engines – i.e Google, Yahoo etc
Your New Page will be listed and promoted on the Newest
Gold Listings Menu which appears on the Homepage and
throughout all BRONZE LISTINGS pages of EPOL (Conditions apply)

Will my page be promoted elsewhere? … Where possible EPOL will
cross promote your New Listed page on our popular Emu Park Online Facebook Group Page which has over 3860 likes.


To List your page on Emu Park Online you must first visit and Read our Legal Requirements. To do so CLICK HERE.

# It is not the responsibility of the EPOL web designer to keep your listings details up to date. If you have changes to make i.e. change of email address or increases in tariffs etc etc you must email such changes to EPOL using the contact form off this website.

# All pages listed with Emu Park Online are to be designed by the webmaster Jeff Quigley of Studioquigs. (with your imput of course) It will be at the discretion of the EPOL webmaster if such supplied content is acceptable to the working systems of EPOL.

# GOLD LISTINGS are permitted ample text content to compliment the page. Usually the Listing is a representation of the current Members own business website.

# GOLD LISTINGS with Emu Park Online are to be designed by the webmaster Jeff Quigley of Studioquigs. (with your imput of course) All text content, descriptions and images are to be provided. Should you require EPOL to attend your premises and take images for inclusion in the page then it will incur a fee. It will be at the discretion of the EPOL webmaster if such supplied content is acceptable to the working systems of EPOL.

# If you have your own website then GOLD pages are permitted to have linkage to such website. As an additional benefit having your website linked to EPOL will be beneficial to making your website much more search engine friendly. Of course your own website should be optimized in accordance with search engine guidlines to be ‘found’ also.
If you are having trouble with your website ranking

# Re Maps with your Gold Listing – EPOL will use and include Google Maps in GOLD LISTINGS where possible

# All GOLD LISTINGS are ad free, with the exception of listings posted as a community service by EPOL such as Service Clubs, Charities, Social Clubs and Community Groups.

# GOLD LISTINGS will be optimized to be search friendly and “should” be recognized in general searches through such browsers – but please be aware that no 100{6f76c45097bf372615119f9802188e22bef98a4cf2a56048cc5de8c729c411af} guarantee can be offered that your listing will rank – although EPOL has a great success rate and we will give it our best shot.

PREARRANGE YOUR FORM ANSWERS – (to copy and paste into the form.) HANDY HINT AND QUICK CHECK LIST TO ASSIST YOUR FILLING IN THE GOLD BUSINESS ONLINE FORM. (There are 23 fields of which 13 definately require your answers )
HOW TO DO IT… Copy and Paste the content found in the text block below the two grey blocks into an editing text program .i.e “Word” – “Notepad” Type your answers and content and then copy paste the respective answer into the ‘Live’ form’s corresponding fields at your leisure. No rush, take your time.

How to Copy and Paste ( a very quick lesson) … Not sure how to “copy” and “paste”. Simple. (1) Click your mouse anywhere within the text content block below the grey boxes (2) ‘LEFT CLICK’ Mouse and holding left mouse button down, drag over a word or three or four {you will see the words highlight} —> then ‘RIGHT CLICK’the mouse over those highlighted words and click “Select All” {all of text in the entire block will now highlight} (3) Right click Mouse in highlighted area- select “Copy” …. (4) Now Open your editing program i.e. “Word” “Notepad” etc in new page (5) Click Mouse in opened Page area and click “Paste”

In there you can run your eye over the content and compile your answers to later copy over into the Live Form as you fill it out. “Go For It”