Bronze listing with Emu Park Online

EPOL is currently averaging over 8,500 to 9,500 visits per month and this visitation rate is expected to grow rapidly with the launch of our new website.

If your business or club meets with our criterior then why not become a member of the EPOL gang and list with us.

About the BRONZE LISTING Option

BRONZE Listings (formerly named Free Listings) allow for three items of content only as part of the Listing.

(1) Business Name
(2) Business Address
(3) Contact Phone Number

Bronze Listing are hosted for Free and have no annual subscription fee ALTHOUGH the initial first off listing will incur a ONE OFF SETTING UP FEE of $15.00.

To take the first step to make your application for a Bronze Listing simple complete the online email form on this page. The next step will be the generating of an invoice for your listing (Note: It will come from EasyAs Internet – Our Business Name) . Once your payment has been received your listing will go live on Emu Park Online. …… It is “EasyAs” to become a small part of Emu Park Online.

Is there a one off setting up fee for BRONZE LISTING.
The fee is $15 Conditions apply
Is it true that only the following is permitted
Business Name
Business Address
Business Phone.
Text Content allowed on page .No
Does entry allow inclusion of pictures .No
Option can be linked to my own website URL.No
Option allows email link.No
Has Location Map if required.
Will this entry be “Search Friendly” and be recognized in
most search engines – i.e Google, Yahoo etc
Does entry feature EPOL Rotating Advertising Yes


To List your page on Emu Park Online you must first visit and Read our Legal Requirements. To do so CLICK HERE.

# It is not the responsibility of the EPOL web designer to keep your listings details up to date. If you have changes to make i.e. change of address or phone numbers etc etc you must email such changes to EPOL using the contact form off this website.

# All pages listed with Emu Park Online to be designed by the webmaster Jeff Quigley of Studioquigs. (with your imput of course)It will be at the discretion of the EPOL webmaster if such supplied content is acceptable to the working systems of EPOL.

# For a FREE BRONZE LISTING on EPOL you / your business is only entitled to Name, Business Name, Telephone Number and Business Address. If you wish to include more then you will need to upgrade.

# EMAIL LINKS off your page. Not available in the Free BRONZE LISTING.

# Re linking your EPOL page Listing to your own website and or Facebook Page. There is no option for linking websites in BRONZE pages.

# EPOL Management has the sole descretion of accepting or rejecting your inclusion into Emu Park Online. No correspondence will be entered into should we see fit not to accept your entry.

# BRONZE LISTING will not be optimized to be search friendly within the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN.