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What way is the wind going to blow? When is the change due?

Jeff Quigley - Tuesday, September 01, 2015

FOR THE BOATIES .... a valueable link from our friends at Allstate Boat Licensing. Want to know when the wind is going to blow up or just what time a wind change is going to come through.
As Bob says "Here is the link to Predict Wind. I do find it quite accurate (been spot on today)" http://www.predictwind.com (There is a FREE sign up version that works a treat)

If you need a Boat License don't forget to call Crockett @ Allstate Capricornia (phone 0422255153) - they do the coast Rocky and Gladstone and there is Bob @ Allstate CQ (phone 0417 922 670) who handles the boat licensing and training for the Central West of our fine State

Crockett on the Capricorn Coast, Gladstone and Rocky.

And Bob out west in Central Queensland.... Emerald, Longreach etc