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Anglican Church Emu Park

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NAME:.. ..........Anglican Church Emu Park

CONTACT: .......Fr. Michael Donaldson, Phone 07 4336611

LOCATION: ......Christ Church, Archer Street, Emu Park. 4710.

POSTAL: ..........As Above

PHONE: ...........07 4336611

MOBILE: ..........N/A

EMAIL: .............office@keppelanglican.org


RECTOR: Fr. Michael Donaldson, Phone 07 4336611
ASSISTANT PRIEST: Fr. Phillip Ward (Mobile) 0407392419
CENTRE WARDEN: Emu Park John Compton
PARISH WARDENS: Danny Moyle & Lyndall Anderson

WEBSITE: .........www.keppelanglican.org

Google Earth Co-ordinates: 23°15'20.96"S, 150°49'26.05"E

Holy Communion and Sunday School every Sunday 8.30am.
Prayer and fellowship every Wednesday 9am.
Men's Barbecue the last Friday of the month.
Women's Dinner the last Friday of the month.
As a member church of Keppel Parish, parishoners are involved in the Cursillo and Catechumenate movements.

In July 1888, the first church services were commenced on a fortnightly basis in the railway station waiting room and the hall next to the Emu Park Hotel. The officiating clergy visited from Rockhampton.
In January 1890 a "Church of England Building Fund Committee" was formed and in 1893 a simple timber church of single skin construction was dedicated as Christ Church, Emu Park on a site at the corner of Hill and Fountain Streets.
Unfortunuately this site on the approach to town was frequently underwater during the wet season, so permission was obtained from the Rockhampton Diocesan Council to relocate the church to it's present site in Archer Street.

Visit our Website www.keppelanglican.org

Now in 2003, Christ Church Emu Park is part of the Keppel Parish and continues to be a centre of welcoming christian worship.

The building is a fine example of a 19th Century bush church and can lay claim to being one of the oldest buildings in Emu Park.

The little church lives on , a survivor of in its time, providing an enduring Spirit of a holy place.

(To find out more of the life and times of Christ Church refer to "Christ Church, Emu Park - An Anglican Place" by Betty Cosgrove 1993.)

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